Veranda Vinyl Fence Installation

Installing a vinyl fence around your lot not only can enhance the exterior of your home, it also provides security and privacy.

Veranda Vinyl Fence Styles

Add Veranda vinyl fence to your property
Veranda vinyl fence materials offer a number of vinyl fence options. This product line is relatively easy for a do-it-yourselfer to install, but you do have to dig fence-posts holes. .

Choose a Veranda vinyl fence style that suits your home’s exterior and landscape. You can choose from picket fences with a variety of features, such as scalloped or arched tops, and identical appearance on both sides.

If you prefer a privacy fence, you can find solid panels that feature tongue and groove construction in the Veranda vinyl fence catalog. You can choose a privacy fence with a flat top or you can choose a number of scalloped and lattice-work patterns to add to the top of the fence. Veranda vinyl fence comes in both white and tan colors in their privacy line.

Select the Veranda vinyl shadowbox fence if you want something other than the solid panels of privacy fence. Veranda also offers a number of other fencing options in their professional grade product catalog.

Veranda Vinyl Fence Preparation

Tape measure

Determine where you plan to install your Veranda vinyl fence. Mark the area with string and stakes to get a straight line. Make sure the corners are square. Depending on the fence you choose and the size of its panels, you may need to adjust your fence line to get the spacing right on your fence panels. Also remember that it’s best to build several inches within your property line.

Draw a scale drawing of your planned fence. This can help you determine where you need to put corner posts and gateposts. Typically, these posts are heavier because they bear more weight and have more pressure on them.

Contact your local municipality to get your building permits. Also contact your local utilities to make sure there are no buried lines where you plan to dig fence posts.

Purchase the Veranda vinyl fence style you choose. Remember to purchase the fence hangers and other hardware necessary to complete the project. Also purchase the cement necessary to set the posts.

Veranda Vinyl Fence Installation


Dig the corner post holes. You can dig them by hand or your can rent power diggers at the local rental store. Set the posts according to the Veranda vinyl fence installation kit. Put cement around the posts and fill the rest of the hole with dirt. Slide the vinyl wrap around the wooden post.

Once you have the corner posts and gateposts set, proceed with setting the remaining posts. Make sure that the posts are in a straight line.

Secure the bottom fence hangers on the fence posts. Make sure you get them installed at the correct height and level. You can set the hangers lower to the ground if you are using the fence to keep your pets in your yard.

Slide the panel into place on the hanger. Secure the top panel hangers to hold the panels in place. Complete the fence in this manner.

Put the gate in place. Make sure it is level and that it swings properly. Attach the latches to the gatepost and the gate, making sure they operate easily.

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