DIY: Lattice Work

Lattice can be installed in a number of places to keep children or pets within the lines of your property, add privacy to your home, for aesthetic appeal and many other reasons. Lattice does not only pertain to fences but can be used as arbor and other things. You can even put plants around it for beautification.

The Basics

Patio lattice

Most lattice structures, whether a fence, an arbor or a privacy screen, need frames attached for support. The size of the frames will depend on what you are making. The support posts also are made of different sizes for each item. Fences usually use four-by-four posts, arbors four by six, while privacy screens may be mixed, depending on how much height you want above the screen.

The lattice for any of these projects can be purchased pre-assembled from a hardware store in two-by-eight sheets and various other sizes. This mentioned size is best for the larger projects and can be cut down for better fittings if needed.

Creating a Perimeter

Put string around the perimeter of where the fence or screen will be located and use a chalk line to mark it out. Dig a post hole 24 inches deep every eight feet along this line unless you want them closer for a particular design. Pour six inches of gravel into the holes. Unless you are building an arbor, the posts are put into the ground first and secured with cement. Ensure that the posts are level and even in height. Let the cement dry before continuing.

To build an arbor, simply set the perimeter with the holes and pour six inches of gravel into them. The posts are added to the arbor before installation, so don't put them into the holes yet.

Building the Lattice Work

Create a frame for the fence or screen using screws and the selected size wood for the frame. Drill pilot holes in the frame. Screw the pieces together in the shape of a rectangle. Use L-supports for better security. Drill pilot holes in the lattice screen every 12 inches and secure the screens to the frames with galvanized wood screws. Attach the frames to the posts. For another type of lattice fence, attach the frames first and install the lattice work afterward. This can be done for the pre-made lattice or for lattice that you are making yourself.

If you are making an arbor, make the frame to your desired shape with supporting crossbeams and rafters. Drill pilot holes and attach the lattice to the frame before attaching most of the posts. Flip over the arbor and install the remainder of the posts plus the crosspieces. Nail on the lattice to the sides of the arbor before fitting the posts into the holes and cement them into place.

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