Under Deck Waterproofing Options

Under-deck waterproofing systems enable any deck owner to instantly double their usable deck space.

Choosing a System

Not only can you use the top of the deck, but the underside can also be turned into useable space. There are two main options for under-deck waterproofing systems.

Under-deck waterproofing systems create a metal or plastic barrier under a deck so that the area under the deck stays dry. In many cases, this is done to add living space under a deck in the form of a patio or enclosed porch. To determine what kind of under-deck waterproofing is right for your deck there are several factors to consider. First of all, how much space is under your deck? Is there enough room for an additional patio, or are you just concerned about the ground molding or causing mildew under the deck? Next, consider if you want to add another patio or living area. If you do, then what kind of ceiling do you want it to have? Under-deck systems come in a variety of colors and textures for different ceiling appearances.

Vinyl Systems

Vinyl systems for under-deck waterproofing are some of the most common forms of systems. The vinyl is easy to install and provides a moisture barrier. Some systems are completely removable to allow for deck repairs and customization options, while others are more permanent. If you have an older deck, choosing a removable system may be a good idea because when the deck is replaced you won’t have to replace the under deck along with it. Vinyl systems come in different colors and have a greater ability for customization than metal systems.

Aluminum Systems

Aluminum under-deck waterproofing systems add moisture protection to areas that you do not want ruined by damp conditions. They can be used as ceilings for under-deck patios, but they also work as a moisture barrier for lower decks. Aluminum under-deck waterproofing systems provide a smooth appearance that hides gutters and screws. They also take up less room than the vinyl systems, which makes them a better choice for low decks. Both vinyl and aluminum systems work well with under-deck patio systems as well, but if you want to have an enclosed porch under the deck, aluminum waterproofing is not the best option.

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