The Best Ways to Kill a Wolf Spider

Debra Pachucki

Wolf spiders are an amazing and fascinating creature to some, and a horrific abomination to others. Regardless of your take on these creatures, they can easily become a pest when they set up shop in or near your home. Unlike smaller spiders, wolf spiders are not easy to kill with a good ol’ stomp or squishing.

Wolf spiders are similar to tarantulas in appearance, but they are two very different creatures.

These creatures can reach up to 4 inches in size and will create an unsightly, splattered mess if killed by these methods. While it is always best to catch and release nature’s pests, there are ways to kill a wolf spider if it is needed.

Chemical Treatments

Spiders are notorious for being able to withstand common bug chemical or spray treatments, because these products are made to kill insects. While many people consider spiders insects, they are arachnids. If you choose to exterminate a wolf spider with chemical treatments, the best products to use are ones made specifically for spider control. Deltamethrin and lamda-cyhalothrin are the most effective chemicals on spiders, so look for pest control treatments containing these ingredients. Since wolf spiders are ground dwellers and not web spinners, so it’s important to apply chemical treatments to the ground, including underneath decks, patios, porch stairs, rocks, parked vehicles, sheds or other enclosures, and anywhere the spider has directly been observed. You can also prevent future wolf spiders from entering your domestic space by laying down granules containing deltamethrin and lamda-chalothrin around the perimeter of your home. As spiders cross the boundary, they will absorb a lethal dose of these chemicals and likely perish before making it to your home. Granules are also able to better withstand rain than traditional spray treatments.

Instant-Kill Spray

If you do not have a full wolf spider infestation, it may be best to purchase an instant-kill spray instead of a full chemical treatment, saving you time and money. The best spray to use on a bothersome wolf spider is Baygon Aresol. This low-odor spray is often used to treat cracks and crevices, but will also instantly kill a fast-moving wolf spider when directly blasted with the spray. Wear protective gloves to avoid contact with chemicals, and spray as much as is needed to kill the spider. For an organic, eco-friendly alternative, Eco Exempt Co Aerosol is best.

Extermination Services

Professional extermination services are best for people who want no part in the spider killing or removal process. Extermination services can be costly, but most companies will not only kill any wolf spiders currently living in or near your home, they will treat the area to prevent future wolf spiders from making their way onto your property.

Physical Kill Methods

Chemical treatments, instant-kill sprays and extermination services are effective, but can be costly. If you have a wolf spider on your hands but do not wish to invest time or money in its demise, or if you find yourself in a situation where the spider must be killed immediately – if it were crawling near an infant, for example, or if it makes its way into the house and you simply cannot bear it – you can go with the good old- fashioned physical kill method. Stomping on the spider or squashing it with a tissue is not a recommended option, due to the large size of these creatures. Though it is possible to kill the wolf spider in these ways, it is messy. The best physical kill method is to roll up a thick magazine or newspaper, and give the spider a few good, hard whacks with it. You can also always drop a heavy book onto the creature and beg your husband or other poor soul to deal with the aftermath later.