How to Repaint an Old Deck

B.T. Alo

Older decks lose luster, even if used minimally. The toll of exposure to the elements will fade most decks, and an old deck will look especially gray and weathered. Most decks can be restored to their former glory with a thorough strip back and a new coat of paint.

Give new life to an old deck with a fresh coat of paint.

You can repaint an old deck yourself and save yourself the expense of hiring a handyman to do it for you.


Check the deck for rotten or broken slats and replace any you find before repainting.

  1. Remove loose paint and grime from the deck with a power washer. Start at one side of the deck and work your way across. Let the deck dry overnight.

  2. Spread paint stripper over the deck using an all-natural bristled paintbrush or roller with a long handle. Wait for the setting time recommended by the paint stripper manufacturer -- typically between 10 to 30 minutes -- at which time the remaining paint on the deck will warp and bubble.

  3. Scrape the paint residue off of the deck with a metal paint scraper before washing off the deck to leave it clean of all paint. As you scrape the deck, screw in any screws sticking up above the plane of the deck, as these will rip the sandpaper off the sander. Let the deck dry overnight.

  4. Sand the slats of the deck with a belt sander, sanding along the grain of the decking. Sweep or vacuum up the sanding dust.

  5. Paint the deck using the long-handled paintbrush or roller. Apply a second coat after waiting the appropriate drying time specified by the paint manufacturer.