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How to Fix a Broken Wire Under a Couch

Chris Newton

Broken wires under a couch refer to broken springs under the furniture piece. A broken spring might affect the stability and support of the couch and make it less comfortable. Also, a broken spring that is sticking out might be dangerous, as it can scratch people, children and pets.

Broken springs under a couch may not be visible from above.

It is possible to repair the spring in some cases.

  1. Move the couch away from the wall, remove the cushions and flip it over on its back.

  2. Cut the fabric off the bottom of the couch using scissors or a razor to expose the springs and wires. Cut the fabric cleanly along the edge. You will reattach it later so try not to damage it.

  3. Examine each spring or coil. Use pliers to grip and bend each broken or bent spring wire back into shape and place. The springs should all look similar and should be rounded in a coil shape.

  4. Hammer in a nail to the top left corner of the couch's frame and another on the top right side. Leave about an inch of nail exposed. Tie twine tightly to the nail. Pull the twine over the first spring and tie it tightly. Do the same for the remaining spring coils and tie the twine to the nail on the right side after you have tied down each spring. Cut off excess twine. This adds another layer of security for the springs to stay in place.

  5. Reattach the fabric to the bottom of the couch frame using a stapler or staple gun. Move the couch back into place.


Wear safety gloves and goggles to avoid skin or eye injury.