My Kenmore Dishwasher Is Not Cycling After a Power Outage

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During a thunderstorm, your house might lose electricity, causing all currently running electronic devices, such as a Kenmore dishwasher, to turn off. After the power is reinstated, the dishwasher might fail to turn back on. There are a number of reasons this might happen after an outage.

A tripped circuit breaker could cut off power to the dishwasher.


When the power goes out due to a thunderstorm or electrical problem within the area, it’s possible that the circuit breaker connected to the Kenmore dishwasher has tripped. You can inspect the circuit breaker, which is located in a breaker box along with several other circuit breakers that control various parts of the house. The circuit breaker may be labeled as the one that controls the dishwasher or perhaps just "kitchen." A tripped breaker features a switch that sits either in the middle or “Off” position. If you flip the switch back over to the “On” position, you can reinstate electrical flow to the dishwasher.


Reinstatement of power following a power outage might have caused a fuse to blow within the home. Fuses, like circuit breakers, are a safety measure taken to ensure that large surges of electricity don’t cause damage to the Kenmore dishwasher. If you check your fuse box and see that a fuse is indeed blown, replace it with a new fuse and power to the dishwasher should be restored.

Wire Damage

It’s possible that an electrical surge caused by reinstatement of power after an outage might have damaged the wires that lead from the breaker to the dishwasher. If you smell electrical burning or see a blackened area of wire, it’s a sign that wire damage has occurred. In this event, the circuit breaker should be turned off immediately, as the damage might have stripped a section of the wires, allowing two hot wires to touch each other, which can cause a fire. Contact an electrician to repair the wires.


While locating the source of a Kenmore dishwasher failure following a power outage, there are a couple of things that could prevent the unit from performing after power is reinstated. A Kenmore dishwasher will not turn on if the door is open or unlatched. Also, some Kenmore models feature a delay start option, which causes the dishwasher to turn on at a designated time instead of right away.


The dishwasher can be reset if the electrical wires are disconnected from the Kenmore and then reconnected. Turn the breaker off to terminate the electrical flow to the dishwasher. Contact an electrician for the electrical work, so as to ensure the proper hookup and avoid electrocution.