How to Silence a Slamming Door

How to Silence a Slamming Door. Having a loudly slamming door in your house can really rattle your nerves. But, you can put an end to the noise. There are several easy and effective ways to silence slamming doors, but installing a door closer is one of the most effective.

  1. Inspect all of the door's hardware to make sure that it is in working order, before installing a door closer.

  2. Install the door closer's snubber by fastening the mounting bracket to the top rail of the door. The jamb bracket should be mounted to the head jamb.

  3. Adjust the length of the chain if you are installing a spring-mounted door closer. Be sure the chain is not too short, or you will not be able to go in and out easily. However, if the chain is too long the door will continue slamming shut. Begin with a piece of chain that is too long and adjust link by link to find the perfect length to silence the slam.

  4. Fasten the door mounting bracket to the door's top rail if you are installing a pneumatic door closer. In this type of door closer there is no chain. Simply adjust the closing speed by turning the screw located in the end cap. When you locate the perfect speed your door shall slam no more.

  5. Attach the bracket, cylinder and jamb-mounting bracket to the top of the door, if you have selected a hydraulic closer. To adjust the closing speed, locate the adjustment screw. Push the screw in with a screwdriver and turn it 180 degrees. Experiment by turning the screw until you reach a closing speed that will effectively silence the slam.

  6. Tip

    Adding weather stripping to the door jamb can help to reduce the sound of a slamming door, and also helps preserve energy during the cold winter months. Installing a door sweep at the foot of your door can help to silence slamming by simply slowing the speed at which the door closes, however this option is not at all effective for screen doors.