How to Paint Gutters

How to Paint Gutters. Painting a house is quite common, but you may need to add some paint when the color scheme doesn't match the gutters on the home. If the gutters are aluminum, you're in luck because with the proper technique you can easily paint them. Here are the basics of how to paint gutters.

  1. Scrape off any loose paint before beginning anything, including cleaning.

  2. Clean the gutters properly. Use large grout sponges or scrub brushes and a liquid dish washing soap in water. Although it may take more time and work, it's essential to clean the gutters well to ensure the paint job will last through years of harsh weather and blistering sun.

  3. Rinse the gutters with a hose by standing on a ladder or on the top of the roof, spraying the water on the gutters downward towards the ground. If you try to spray the gutters from the ground, the rinse water will spray upwards and dirty water can collect on the gutter. Spraying downwards ensures all of the soap residue is rinsed away.

  4. Prime the gutters. This is the most important part of the painting process so use the proper oil-based metal primer. Choose one that does not contain ammonia, which can react with the aluminum causing a gas bubble to occur under the layer of latex paint.

  5. Apply the final layer of paint within 48 hours of applying the primer. This ensures that the top coat of paint adheres properly to the gutters.

  6. Tip

    Avoid a pressure washer as it will not clean the gutters as thoroughly as hand washing.