How to Remove Silly Putty Off Carpet

Silly Putty is an old favorite, but the claylike plasticine toy leaves something to be desired if your little darling gets it stuck in the carpet. The gooey mess can be removed with a little work, according to Crayola, the product's manufacturer.

  1. Isolate the stained area from all the other carpeting. Drape an old towel around the area and form a circle around the stained area.

  2. Scrape off any excess Silly Putty with a butter knife or spoon.

  3. Spray with a petroleum-based, water-displacement cleaning product like WD-40 or Goo-Gone. Let it sit on the Silly Putty for several minutes.

  4. Wipe off with a clean cloth.

  5. Apply rubbing alcohol if the stain still remains, dabbing it on with a cotton ball. Blot the stain with a clean cloth.

  6. Rinse with water and a liquid dish soap. Blot to remove excess moisture.

  7. Apply ice to the area as an alternate to chemicals. A bag of frozen vegetables works as well. When the putty is hard, break the larger pieces off in a clump. You may have to refreeze the area over and over as your warm fingers will only allow you a little time to work. Once the majority of the putty is removed, use tweezers to help remove the remaining putty. Pull at the side of the putty rather then the carpet fibers to remove the last bits.

  8. Tip

    Always test a corner of the carpet with what ever cleaning method you use rather then ruining the middle of your carpet.