How to Mix Grout

How to Mix Grout. As with everything else we try to accomplish, there's a right and wrong way to mix grout. Whether it be for that special tiling project or sealing the area around your bathtub, mixing grout to the right consistency for the project is essential.

Following the tips below will result in a perfect mixture every time.

  1. Pour enough grout into the container to complete the project or, if it's a large job, to cover a few square feet. Keep in mind that a huge bucket of grout could harden before the job is completed.

  2. Add water according to the instructions on the bag. If the bag doesn't specify how much water to add, use your own judgment. Don't worry about using too much water, because you can always add more grout to the mixture, although a couple of tablespoons could be enough for a small job.

  3. Mix the grout and water to the consistency of peanut butter, adding grout as necessary. You don't want any lumps, nor do you want it to be too thin. It should be smooth and pasty.

  4. Apply a non-stick additive to the mixture, especially if the area you're going to grout is porous, so the grout won't stick to tiles or other surfaces. This makes it easier to remove excess grout.

  5. Let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes before using it.