How to Add Glitter to Tile Grout for Tiled Walls

Robert Howard

For years people looked for a way to add glitter to tile grout, but the results were unimpressive. Recent advancements in epoxy-based grouts, however, allow for absolutely dazzling results. Now you can have sparkling glitter grout accenting your tile projects.


Epoxy dries extremely hard. Make sure you clean the epoxy-based grout off of all tile faces before it dries. In addition to glitter, you can also add glow-in-the-dark particles to epoxy grout!

  1. Mix the two-part epoxy. Epoxy-based grouts are sold as a kit. They work by creating a clear, durable epoxy base, in which the colored grout particles are suspended. For a traditional look, you simply add the colored grout powder of your choice to the epoxy mix.

  2. Add the glitter. To create a sparkling glitter mix, you will still use the colored grout powder; but you will replace a certain amount of the powder with glitter. The amount is entirely up to you; more glitter powder will create a more sparkling finished product.

  3. It is important to maintain the appropriate ratio of grout powder to epoxy. For this reason, whatever amount of glitter you add must be subtracted from the amount of colored grout powder.

  4. Mix the epoxy, colored particles, and glitter together with your margin trowel. Make sure the solid particles are evenly distributed throughout the grout mixture.

  5. Spread the grout over the installed tile on your tile walls. Use the grout float to work the grout down into the tile joints.

  6. Sponge the tile. Use a wet sponge to clean the tile and smooth the grout into the tile joints. You may need to clean the tile several times in order to get all the grout residue off of the tile surface.