How to Clean Grout With Hydrogen Peroxide

Mel Frank

Grout is found in flooring and walls, used as a finishing element that is placed between tiles to provide an even look. When you run a mop across the tile, it does not always clean the grout, as the grout is often embedded and lies slightly below the surface of the tile.

Clean grout with hydrogen peroxide.

This requires you to occasionally clean the grout itself using a stronger cleaning solution. By mixing a cleaner with a base of hydrogen peroxide, you will clean the grout and keep it looking fresh.

  1. Pour 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup salt and 1 cup baking soda into a bucket. Use the 3 percent peroxide that is found with first aid supplies at the grocery store.

  2. Dip a grout brush into the mixture, and scrub the mixture into the grout.

  3. Repeat until you work your way across all of the grout, and rinse out the bucket and grout brush with hot water.

  4. Fill the cleaning bucket with hot water.

  5. Dip a mop in the bucket of water, squeeze out the mop slightly to release excess water, and wipe over the tile and grout to remove the cleaning solution.