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Grout Mixture Ratio

Randall Brooks
Getting the correct grout mix ratio is a piece of cake.

Grout is commonly used when installing floor tiles and backsplashes. It fills in the spaces and helps to hold everything in place. Grout mix ratio refers to the amounts of grout and water to be combined. In order to achieve maximum performance it’s important to get the proper ratio. Mixing grout is not a difficult task. If you can make pancake batter then mixing grout will be a breeze.


Grout is like cement but should not be confused with concrete or mortar. Grouts are mainly composed of portland cements and fine sand. In the industry, portland cement is a common term used to describe various cements. Grouts come in various colors that accent flooring or backsplash choices.


Water plays a vital role in the bonding and hardening process. To activate, water is added according to the manufacturer's instructions. The addition of water causes the grout to set and harden. Too much water will weaken the grout strength. If too little water is added then the grout will be too thick. Grout needs to be fluid but not watery in order to fill the space between tiles in flooring or backsplashes. Use your water judiciously to give your mixture the required consistency.


When mixing grout, a common utility bucket should be sufficient for most projects. A trowel or low speed mixer can be used to attain a smooth paste-like consistency. The finished mixture should not be pourable. Use cool clean water to add to the grout. If more than one bag of grout will be used, then dry-blending the grout prior to adding water is recommended to provide color uniformity. Once mixed, the grout should be put down typically within 1 to 2 hours.


Grout mix ratio can vary widely. A satisfactory result can be accomplished by following the manufacturer's instructions. Since bond strength, color and performance are dependent upon the correct mix ratio, should you make a mistake such as adding too much water, the addition of grout can bring you back to the correct ratio. And if the mix is too thick, a little more water will get the ratio in order.