How to Get Free Electronics

How to Get Free Electronics. So you want a new mp3 device or palm pilot without paying for it. If you are patient and resourceful, you should be able to get free electronics. There are numerous ways to find new stuff without shelling out greenbacks, but none of them are guaranteed, and some take time and effort.

Use these handy tips to find free electronics near you.

  1. Get hand-me-downs. One good way to get your hands on some free electronic devices is to wait until someone you know buys the newest, fanciest stuff. They may be looking to offload their old mp3 player, phone or PDA.

  2. Save up customer points. Lots of consumer goods offer product points that you might eventually be able to use to get some free stuff, including electronics. You may end up eating a lot of Wheaties to get a free iPod.

  3. Read your mail carefully. Some "sweepstakes" contests lure you in with promises of possible electronics, and give you Tupperware sets. Others sometimes end up doling out free televisions or other electronic items.

  4. Use your credit card. A lot of credit cards offer customer points and card companies give out all kinds of incentives. You may end up getting your free iPod from your credit purchases. Just don't let your spending get out of control, or you'll be paying more for those free items than you ever thought you would.

  5. Look for special sale freebies. Find time sensitive offers and jump on them before they're gone. Grand openings are a particular bonanza for those seeking free stuff: be the first customer in the door. When it comes to getting freebies from corporate events, the early bird gets the iPod.