How to Dry Clean a Carpet

Cleaning a carpet can be a real chore. Conventional cleaning with water and cleaners can be a nightmare! Dry cleaning is a 'less messy' way to get the job done. There are several different ways, just choose which one is best for you!

Dry carpet cleaning

  1. Foam carpet cleaners are one way to clean your carpet. You can cover a wide surface area, and no rinsing is involved. Simply spray the foam over the desired area to be cleaned and let sit. In most cases, the carpet can be vacuumed after 30 minutes. The foam releases the dirt and stains from your carpet and the vacuum takes them away!

  2. There is another method of dry cleaning known as the 'cotton bonnet' method. It involves a machine that has several pads that spin. A solution is applied to the pads, and the rotation of the device beats the dirt from the carpet. The carpet can then be given a once over with a vacuum to remove the remaining dirt.

  3. A third way to dry clean a carpet involves a dry cleaning compound. The cleaning product closely resembles wet sawdust, and some have a citrus smell. The product is brushed into the carpet, and adheres to the dirt. The dirt and dry mix is then vacuumed, leaving the carpet dirt free.

  4. Any of these choices can be a great alternative to the usual hot water extraction method. In most cases it is less expensive, too!