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How to Shampoo Berber Carpet

Hillary Marshall

From time to time, it may be necessary to shampoo your carpets. Even when you have carpets treated with stain resistant chemicals, they can become stained over time, or even develop an odor. Fortunately, your berber carpet can be cleaned periodically with a steam cleaner, but it does retain water more than some other types of carpet fiber, and the tight loops of berber can become damaged if the carpet is not cleaned with proper care.

Berber carpet has tighter loops so it is important to use the proper height setting on a steam cleaner.
  1. Vacuum the berber carpet you are cleaning before you use the carpet cleaning machine. This will extract loose dirt, hair and debris, so you don't clog the machine.

  2. Pre-treat any stains on your berber carpet with a carpet stain pre-treatment. Use your nylon bristle scrub brush to gently agitate the stained areas. This will ensure that the pre-treatment gets down into the carpet fibers where it needs to be in order to work on the stain.

  3. Allow the pre-treatment to sit on the berber for about 15 to 20 minutes before you use your carpet cleaning machine.

  4. Set your carpet cleaning machine to the appropriate setting for a low pile floor. Fill the water tank with hot water and the recommended amount of cleaning solution. It is important to follow the instructions on your carpet cleaning machine to the letter, otherwise you may end up breaking the machine or damaging your carpet.

  5. Turn your machine on, and clean your carpet in rows. Work at a slow, steady pace. Do not repeat any sections when cleaning berber because it will become too damp and may not dry properly. Empty and refill the tanks for your cleaner as necessary.

  6. Allow your carpet to air dry. Open windows and use a fan to increase the circulation and airflow in the room. When the carpet is completely dry, you can repeat the cleaning process on any areas of your berber carpet that are still stained.