How to Clean Cobwebs

Cobwebs tend to accumulate in out-of-reach areas, which means you'll have to get a bit creative to remove them safely. A vacuum cleaner with an extension nozzle or a long-handled duster are two effective ways to remove those pesky webs.

Vacuuming Cobwebs

A vacuum cleaner with a long extension nozzle allows you to reach behind the washer and dryer or up along corners of the ceiling to remove cobwebs. Stand on the ground, rather than on a chair, to remove the webs safely. A vacuum cleaner also removes cobwebs and dust from curtains and difficult-to-reach curtain rods and window frames. Wipe off the end of the nozzle with a paper towel after you vacuum, in case some of the cobwebs are still clinging to the attachment.

Manual Cobweb Removal

You can also use a long-handled device such as a duster on an extension handle to remove cobwebs. If you don't have a long-handled duster, wrap several rags over one end of a broom handle, securing them with a rubber band. Wipe the cobwebs away with the duster or rags using the long handle to get into areas that are difficult to reach. For textured areas such as a popcorn ceiling, use a paintbrush or other soft-bristled brush to collect the webs. Tape the paintbrush onto the end of a broom handle to reach high places.