How to Make Your Own Alien

There is a certain fascination with the hypothesis of the existence of aliens and flying saucers and with the common thought that they are among us now. Aliens have been popularized through mainstream media as well as entertainment. Roswell is a household word these days, as it is now a part of American folklore.

Halloween is fast approaching and you want that downed alien spacecraft or perhaps a diabolical alien lair where experiments occur-- but you need an alien. This article will show you how to make your own life-sized Roswell "Gray" alien.

Preparing the Alien Body

  1. Lay your skeleton out on a work surface and remove the skeleton's head.

  2. Using your pair of scissors, insert them into the rib cage, and cut the plastic to remove some of the rib cage.

  3. Using the scissors, cut the plastic between the first and second toe, and between the third and fourth toe. Bend the plastic apart to form digits. Repeat with the other foot reversing the order.

  4. Remove the pelvis from the body and turn it around--reattaching with wire.

  5. Remove the arm bones that are connected to the shoulder, and the leg bones that are connected to the pelvis. Then, reconnect the leg bones where the arm bones were and the arm bones where the leg bones were, using a wire to secure them into place.

  6. Blow up the balloon and tie it. Set the balloon on top of the spine where the head used to be.

  7. Spray the expandable foam into the chest cavity until it's full enough to give the appearance of being thin.

  8. Using the red paint spray a layer over the foam you just placed inside the skeleton.

Adding Skin and Final Touches

  1. Mix the flour and water in the bucket and stir until the mixture becomes a paste.

  2. Cut your newspaper into strips of paper about half a sheet long and one to two inches wide.

  3. Dip the newspaper into the papier maché paste you just made. Use your fingers to remove the excess paste.

  4. Apply the newspaper to the body, including the balloon, until the body is covered and you have several layers of papier maché applied. Build up the papier maché around the nose area, mouth and eyes to give it detail.

  5. When the papier maché is dry, insert a needle into the head to pop the balloon.

  6. Wait a day until the papier maché has dried, then spray paint over it with the gray spray paint. Apply at least two coats.

  7. Paint in the details of the mouth, nose and eyes with black paint.

  8. When the paint is completely dry, pour your liquid latex into a bowl and dip a brush into it and coat the entire front of the alien body with liquid latex. Wait for it to dry and apply a second coat. Flip the alien over and repeat with the backside.

  9. Tip

    If you would like your alien to be a crash victim, then paint the foam red and do not apply papier maché to it or to all of the surrounding plastic. You can also remove a hand and add red to the stump. The same may also apply to a foot, a leg or even simulate torn flesh from the arm or leg or chest . The latex preserves the papier maché so that the prop can be used more than once.


    Always work in a well ventilated area when using liquid latex as it contains ammonia which can be dangerous to your health. When working with scissors, always pay close attention to what you are doing as to not slip and hurt yourself.