How to Build a Pony Wall

Do you need a wall to separate one area from another? That is what is sometimes called a Pony Wall. It is easy to build and serves it's purpose well. With minimal effort you can build the wall and upgrade it easily by placing an upgraded cap on it.

  1. Measure twice cut once, but draw it out first. The only way to make this project stand out is to take the time to design it. Adjust the instructions below based on the size and style you choose. Build a frame by placing five 2 x 4s cut down to 36 ¾ inches between three top and bottom pieces of 2 x 4 cut to 55 ¾ inches. Attach them with 3 inch finishing nails.

  2. Position your frame next to the wall it will be attached to. Mark the floor at the 3 foot point and the wall at the 4 foot point, measure the angle, it should be 5 feet. Don not proceed until you get these measurements correct. Attach the frame to the wall and the floor. Use 3 ½ inch screws.

  3. Add an additional 2 x 4 to the top of the frame. Level it and secure the 2 x4 with 2 inch finishing nails. Use shims if necessary.

  4. Add ¾ inch MDF to the sides and attach with 2 inch finishing nails.

  5. Add the top plate, cut it down to 12 inches wide and however long you planned for. Attach it with 2 inch nails.

  6. Attach crown and base molding. Use a miter saw at the ends and sand out the rough spots and cover them with wood putty.

  7. Use joint compound to finish out your new pony wall and paint the base. You may want to spray on a textured finish prior to painting.

  8. Tip

    Check with your local planning department and secure necessary permits


    Use care when using power tools


  • Use care when using power tools