How to Remove Odors from Clothing

A little vinegar can do wonders for a lot of things, including clothes with a stubborn odor problem. Some folks will put a bowl of white vinegar in a clothes closet and let the scent of the vinegar fight the odor. However, it's also possible to mix vinegar into laundry.

Thev vinegar properties work against the odor, and the detergent will keep the clothes from smelling like vinegar.

  1. Pour 1/3 cup of vinegar in the washing machine as it fills with water. There must be enough water to allow the clothing to move freely around the washer or basin.

  2. Let the clothes soak in the vinegar water for at least 10 minutes.

  3. Add the desired amount of laundry detergent to the water and wash as usual.

  4. Add fabric softener or fabric sheets in the drying process. When you are all finished, your clothes will be clean, fresh and free of odor.