How to Cut Faux Stone

Justin Otto

Faux stone is a fairly inexpensive choice for exterior siding when compared to real stone masonry. It gives a natural appearance and maintenance is easy as cleaning can be accomplished by having it pressure washed. Installation is simple & cutting is just as easy if you know how to do so.

This article will cover how to go about cutting faux stone.

  1. Attach masonry blade to either saw or grinder.

  2. Mark the cut to be made with the grease pencil.

  3. Cut the faux stone with the saw or grinder.

  4. Repeat as necessary for the rest of the cuts that need to be made.

  5. Tip

    If not using cast stone and using plastic stone siding, cutting can be accomplished using a circular saw with the blade turned backwards. This prevents the teeth of the blade from damaging the material.


    Always exercise caution when using power tools.