Building Plans for Gazebos

Gazebos are small free-standing and open-sided architectural features. Typically, gazebo structures have octagonal-shaped roof lines, open walls, side railings and are raised up off of the ground plane.


Much like garden pavilions and follies, gazebos have been used in landscaping and garden design for many centuries, and are commonly found in public parks and gardens in addition to residential settings. Gazebos are used for shelter, dining, bandstands, shade structures or even as a purely decorative feature.

Plan Options

Gazebo plans vary by size and shape. While classic gazebos are round with octagonal roof lines, they can also be seen in an oval shape with an octagonal roof line. They can be fairly plain in design to highly decorative with ornate roof lines, stairs, eaves and railings.

Free Plan Resources

Numerous sites on the web provide free plans for wide selection of gazebo designs. Several allow you to download and personalize the plans with scale calculators, while others allow you to print out the plan of your choice. One good site with free plans is listed below in Resources.

Design Plans for Purchase

There are several sources on the web that sell plans or produce custom plans, and others still that will do both of these steps and assemble a building kit and send it to your home for either DIY or professional assembly. One purveyor of this option is listed in Resources.


Gazebos are traditionally built of wood timbers and most commonly are either left unfinished, stained, varnished or painted, often in crisp white.