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Interior Decorating Games for Adults

Cindy Quarters

If you are an adult who enjoys interior decorating, games can provide you with hours of fun. You can make all the changes you want without having to buy any paint or lift a brush. Not only can these games be relaxing and enjoyable, you may also find that you get ideas about colors and techniques that you would like to try in your own home.


Decorating games let you try many different design looks.

The "Imagine, Interior Designer" game is for the Nintendo DS system. The game is intended for older children and adults. It covers many different aspects of interior decoration and design. Some parts of it might be too complicated for children, but adults are generally able to figure out all the different modules in the game. There are seven different workshops in the game that allow players to create items to be used in decorating, to change the colors of existing items, and to create and frame artwork to hang in different rooms within the game. Adults will enjoy getting a few ideas from the game and experimenting with the available colors and designs. The game can be purchased at video stores and from various online sources.

"Sims 2"

The "Sims" series of games lets you work with virtual people in virtual settings, creating nearly everything about them to be just as you like. The "Sims 2 Kitchen and Bath: Interior Design" game is made for the PC and allows you to become involved in some serious virtual remodeling and design projects. Change colors, tiles, flooring, towels, kitchen appliances and more in this fun and interesting decorating game. Try wild color combinations, exotic looks and unusual patterns in the kitchen and the bathroom as you experiment with the many things this game can do. Purchase this game online or stores which sell PC games.

"Fabulous Finds"

This is a game of yard sales and interior decorating. In it, you have inherited a large house and your task is to remove everything in it that doesn't suit your style. Sell the things you don't want at a big yard sale, then use the money to buy new things to use to decorate the house to fit your tastes. The game allows you plenty of freedom in the decorating choices you make, and you can adapt the color scheme as well as the house contents to your personal tastes. The game is available most places that carry PC games, including toy stores and online sources.