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How to Decorate a Bedroom With Green Carpet

Ashley Marquez

When redecorating, some design challenges are easy to work around. Wood paneling can be painted in an afternoon, and wallpaper can be stripped with a bottled remover and some elbow grease. Features like green carpeting, however, can be more challenging. You can make it work in your design with a little imagination and ingenuity.

  1. Decide whether you want to embrace the green carpet or hide it. Depending on the shade of green, the carpet could serve as a neutral backdrop that will coordinate with many design schemes. Even the popular dark hunter green of the 1990s can be updated to reflect more modern decor. If you want to hide the carpet, buy a large, neutral area rug and decorate the room to your taste.

  2. Purchase bedding that ties in the color of the carpet. Pink and green is a very popular color combination for a young girl's room, while green and black would work for a teenager. If the carpet is in your master bedroom, a range of neutral colors will give the room a spa-like feeling. For a themed child's room, treat the carpet as grass and choose bedding to reflect a garden or outdoor color scheme.

  3. Arrange the furniture to maximize the space. Rearrange the pieces until you have a plan that works; don't be afraid to try angling pieces or using furniture to create divisions in the room. If you are using an area rug, arrange the furniture to camouflage the areas of green carpet around the edges of the room.

  4. Select accessories such as wall art, clocks, art pieces and lamps that incorporate your chosen colors and patterns. Add storage pieces and find a place for all of the bedroom clutter so your room appears larger.

  5. Hang curtains that blend in with the decor and feature one or more colors from the palate you've chosen. Add throw pillows and other accents that coordinate.