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Removing a Glass Door Fireplace Screen

Before beginning work, open the fireplace doors and, using a brush, vacuum or combination of the two, clean the fireplace thoroughly. This will prove to be a great help for the following steps.

Cleaning Before Begining

Removing the Base Screws

Using a flashlight, locate the screws on either side of the screen assembly that holds the base to the brick of your fireplace. Using a screwdriver or electric drill, remove and set aside these screws.

Loosening the Lintel Clamps

Reaching your hand into the fireplace, feel to the upper right and left corners to locate the clamps that attach the screen assembly to the wall of the fireplace. Loosen the clamps, and continue to rotate counter clockwise until the are fully released from the wall of the fireplace. It may be necessary to utilize a pair of pliers to get this started.

Removing the Screen Assembly and Glass Doors

Once you have unscrewed the base of the screen assembly as well as unscrewed the lintel clamps, you are now ready to lift the fireplace screen/glass doors out of the mouth of the fireplace. Tip the bottom portion forward so that the clamps can clear the interior of the fireplace and, grasping the screen assembly on either side of the frame, lift it out of the fireplace.