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How to Replace Logs With Glass in a Ventless Fireplace

James Cooper

Fireplace glass crystals are fast becoming a popular alternative to gas logs for vented, gas fireplaces. They resemble sparkling jewels that cover the floor of your fireplace and light up in vibrant, reflective colors. Fireplace glass crystals tolerate high temperatures, won't melt or discolor and shouldn't need to be replaced. They are nontoxic, clean-burning and available in a variety of colors. Removing your old gas logs and replacing them with fireplace glass crystals is something you should be able to do without calling a repairman.

Many fireplace owners are replacing gas logs with glass crystals.
  1. Lay down a protective cloth to protect your carpeting or floor from dirt and soot. Turn off the gas to your fireplace.

  2. Remove the glass screen by loosening the L clips that hold it in place. Unscrew the screws holding the L clips with a screwdriver so you can turn the L clips in the open position. Lift out the fireplace glass screen carefully and lay it on the soft towel.

  3. Remove the old set of gas logs by using an adjustable wrench to disconnect the gas line. Take off the burner and the logs. Scrub the inside of the fireplace with a wire brush to remove soot and dirt. Wipe the surfaces clean with a dry rag. Sweep away remaining soot with a whisk broom and dustpan.

  4. Attach the new fireplace glass crystal burner that came with the kit to your gas line with the adjustable wrench. Position the new burner so the holes are facing up. Cut small pieces of duct tape with the scissors. Cover the holes in the burner with the duct tape temporarily. Refer to the directions that came with the glass.

  5. Spread the lava rock on the floor of the fireplace so it is 2 inches deep and 4 inches from the front of the fireplace. Measure the distance and depth with a tape measure.

  6. Pour the sand from the fireplace glass crystal kit over the burner and the lava rock, and spread it out with your gloved hand. Sweep the sand from the burner with a whisk broom, and take off the pieces of duct tape from the burner.

  7. Place 3 inches of fireplace glass in front of the burner, sand and lava rock. Measure the depth with a measuring tape. Make sure there is no lava rock or sand under this section of fireplace glass.

  8. Pour 1 inch of fireplace glass on top of the lava rock, sand and burner, extending it to the back of the fireplace.

  9. Replace the fireplace glass screen, turn the L clips to set it in place, and tighten the screw in the clips with the screwdriver. Turn the gas back on and enjoy your new fireplace glass crystals.

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