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How to Clean Eyebrow Wax Out of Carpet

You just finished waxing your brows. You reach for your hand mirror to check the results when your elbow hits the pot of wax. Ooops! Now there's a mess on the carpet. Is there any way to save it? You bet. Follow these easy steps to remove the wax.

  1. Place baggie of ice cubes on spilled wax to harden. Plug in clothes iron at a low setting to heat while you wait.

  2. Use table knife or putty knife to scrape off as much wax as you can.

  3. Place a piece of a brown paper bag or other absorbent paper over wax. Run warm iron over paper. The paper will absorb the wax. When paper begins to show wetness, lift it from carpet and discard.

  4. Repeat step 3 until wax is gone.

  5. Use denatured alcohol on a rag to blot any remaining color stains from carpet.

  6. Tip

    This method can be used to remove other types of wax such as from a drippy candle.


    To avoid damaging carpet, set iron only as high as necessary to melt wax.