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How to Get Dried Candle Wax out of the Sink & Garbage Disposal

Kaye Wagner

Candle wax can make a mess in your home. If you drip it on surfaces in your home, it could make a stain and the wax could be difficult to scrape off. Make this process easier by using heat to soften the wax so you can scrape it from surfaces in your home.

Keep an eye on candles to make sure they don't drip and cause stains.

You can use very hot water without damaging your garbage disposal or sink.

  1. Turn your faucet on and direct the water flow over the wax residue on the sink.

  2. Adjust the temperature so the water is as hot as possible. Be careful not to burn your skin.

  3. Run water over the wax residue on the sink and garbage disposal until the wax dissolves and runs down the sink. Let the water run for at least two minutes to make sure it doesn’t soften in the pipes.

  4. Boil a pot of water on your stove if the residue is still stuck to the sink or garbage disposal blades you cannot access.

  5. Slowly pour the boiling water down the drain while running the disposal blades. This will dissolve the rest of the candle wax.