How to Clean Heavily Soiled Traffic Lanes on a Commercial Carpet

Heavily soiled commercial carpets are difficult to clean. High-traffic areas collect dirt and have crushed carpet fibers. The way to get the carpet looking as clean as possible is to clean the carpet fibers and to restore the pile of the carpet.

Carpets with heavily soiled traffic areas will take more than one cleaning session. Using the correct tools and following a few simple steps will get a commercial carpet with heavily soiled traffic lanes clean and looking good.

  1. Vacuum the carpet to remove any loose soil. Using the carpet rake, go over the carpet in a north-south direction. Repeat in an east-west direction. Vacuum again. This will remove all loose dirt and debris in the carpet. The process stands the carpet fibers up, which makes them more accessible to the cleaning process.

  2. Spray the high-traffic area of the carpet with the carpet prep spray. Work it into the carpet fibers with the brush or push broom, using a back and forth scrubbing motion. Leave it with all of the carpet fibers standing up. Allow to sit for five to 10 minutes.

  3. Apply the dry carpet cleaner to the soiled area, according to the manufacturer's directions. Using the broom or brush, work the granules into the carpet. Allow to sit until dry; the package directions will tell you how long to wait. Vacuum up the dry cleaning granules. You can buy dry carpet cleaner at a janitorial supply company. HOST and Capture are the two most popular brands. Capture may be available at home improvement stores.

  4. Look for stains, yellowing or dull spots on the carpet.

  5. Treat any stains with the carpet prep by brushing it into the carpet. Allow to sit for at least 10 minutes before applying dry carpet cleaner. Apply the dry carpet cleaner to the stained areas only, then vacuum.

  6. Rake the entire carpet in the direction that stands up the fibers. This gives the carpet a professional look and makes the carpet appear clean. You can buy carpet rakes at a janitorial supply company.

  7. Tip

    Most commercial carpets are made from olefin. Olefin turns yellow when it comes in contact with ice melt products. Carpet near entryways is most susceptible to this yellowing. It cannot be removed. It is caused by a chemical reaction. This is usually seen within 10 feet of the door. Carpet with shiny or dull spots may have damaged fibers. These look like stains, but cleaning will not help.