How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

No one wants to slip their feet into a smelly pair of shoes, but often the shoes develop odor quickly before you even realize. Shoe odor is caused by anything from bacteria to sweaty feet, and unpleasant shoe odor is impossible to mistake.

Rid shoe odor with baking soda.

To remove the shoe odor, use something that safely pulls out the odor as well as any moisture that may be the cause of the odor.

  1. Sprinkle a thick coat of baking soda inside the shoes. Tap the shoes around so the baking soda hits all parts of the shoe interior. Let the baking soda sit overnight.

  2. Turn the shoes upside down and dump over a trash can the next day to get rid the baking soda. Repeat every few days, or as needed, to keep moisture and odor at a minimum.

  3. Get rid of bacteria and stronger odor with white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar and spray over the shoe interior. The vinegar is a natural disinfectant as well as an odor neutralizer.

  4. Wash the shoes if the care instructions label directs you to do so. Many sneakers and similar types of shoes can be washed in the washing machine using your regular detergent. Follow the wash and dry instructions; often you are directed to let the shoes air dry to hold their form.