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How to Install Carpet at a Doorway

Robin Hewitt

You’ve laid your first piece of carpet with no major disaster, but as you’re finishing up you’re left scratching your head. The tack strips secure the carpet at the wall edges, but there’s nothing holding it in place at the doorway.

Installing carpet at a doorway isn’t too tough; a quick trip to the hardware store for a couple of common carpet installation items is all you’ll need to finish the job.

  1. Measure the width of the doorway where your carpet ends; if there is a difference in depth between the carpet and the material it meets, measure the height of the difference.

  2. Secure the carpet in the the doorway, using carpet tacks and making sure it meets the material from the next room.

  3. Cut the transition strip to the width of the doorway, using a hack saw and double checking your measurements before you cut. Remember to sweep up as soon as the cut is made to avoid scattering metal slivers from the cutting.

  4. Position the transition strip in the doorway exactly over the seam where the carpet meets the material on the other floor. If there is a difference in height, make sure you have the higher side of the transition strip over the corresponding floor material.

  5. Secure the strip in place, using the nails (or screws) that came in the transition strip package and taking care not to dent the transitions trip with your hammer.

  6. Tuck in any tufts of carpet that may be exposed at the corners of the doorway. Your doorway installation is now complete.

  7. Tip

    Purchase a transition strip that matches the measurements you have taken, making sure it is wide enough for the doorway where you plan to install it.


    Always wear eye protection when using a hack saw.