How to Clean a Wood Dining Room Table

Melynda Sorrels

A wood dining room table is usually the centerpiece of a formal dining room. Depending on the family, a dining room table can take quite a bit of abuse. Between being a prime location for doing homework and family meals a wood dining room table will need the occasional cleaning to keep it looking nice.

Clean a Wood Dining Room Table

With proper care and a little effort, a wood dining room table can last for many generations.

  1. Dust the dining room table at least once a week to prevent the buildup of dust that may damage the wood over time. Use a soft clean cloth and a furniture polish such as Pledge to make it shine.

  2. Apply a wood conditioner to a soft clean cloth and thoroughly wipe down the table. This should be done twice a year to keep your table looking at its best.

  3. Clean up spills immediately. Use a damp clean cloth to remove anything that may cause a sticky residue.

  4. Use a walnut or a nut that has a similar color of the table to fill in scratches. Rub the nut horizontally across the scratch. Use iodine on a Q-Tip to darken it. It may take several coats of iodine to get the colors to match.

  5. Rub mayonnaise onto a water mark and leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe away any excess and apply more if needed.

  6. Warning

    Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and abrasives that may scratch the wood.

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