How To Make 1 Scale Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouses and the miniature accessories and furniture that go with them have been popular in one form or another for centuries.

How To Make 1 Scale Dollhouse Furniture

These days, miniature dollhouse furniture is available at many hobby outlets and from hobbyists and craftspeople, but purchasing premade miniatures can be expensive and, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to their hobby, less gratifying than making their own.

  1. Determine the original size of the furniture piece you want to make. For example, 1/12 scale means that 1 inch will equal 1 foot in real-world measurement. Use a scale calculator when designing your miniature furniture to make sure you get your measurements right (see Resources).

  2. Select a type of wood to use to create your furniture. Balsa and pine work well, as they are lighter and easier to carve. Cut the individual furniture pieces from your wood using a small knife. If you're using a miniature furniture kit from a hobby store, the pieces will be pre-cut and ready to glue.

  3. Sand your furniture. Use light sandpaper and light strokes to avoid removing too much wood. Then assemble your furniture using wood glue and let it dry.

  4. Varnish the furniture the same way you would varnish a real wooden project. Use acrylic paints to give your miniature furniture a high-quality finish. Let dry.

  5. Add any cloth adornments such as bedspreads or cushions. If you make your own, use pieces of cotton balls as stuffing.

  6. Tip

    Oak and cherrywood are difficult woods to carve and cut. If you're recreating oak or cherrywood furniture, use lighter wood and give the furniture an oak or cherrywood finish. Consider purchasing miniature furniture kits and modifying them to suit your needs. Combine the kits with pieces you've salvaged to create new designs that reflect your personality. Use household items when you can. Craft sticks are great for making bed frames and lawn furniture. Pieces of broken toys can be used to miniature flower pots, lawn furniture or a barbecue pit. Use glue to assemble bedding and curtains if you aren't good with a needle and thread.