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How to Clean Twig Wreaths

Janet Beal

Decorative wreaths of twigs or vines add a beautiful natural touch to decor. Unlike their green, growing cousins, however, they can become dust-catchers, whether on a front door or inside the home.

Their hospitable look can even fool more than the human eye, suggesting a welcoming home to the occasional insect exploring the indoors. It's not difficult to keep twig wreaths fresh, appealing and dirt-free.

  1. Include your twig wreath in your regular vacuuming routine. Every week, remove it from its hanger and vacuum off dust, back and front. Work gently; a brush attachment catches dust without damaging fragile twigs. The vacuuming usually cleans, rather than swallows, decorations on the wreath as well. A hand-held vacuum will also work for this task.

  2. Wash the wreath in warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly and air-dry on newspaper. In a dirt-prone area—an apartment door close to the building front door, a household outside door or a porch, plan to do this twice a year. Remove decorations first, if you have doubts about whether they can be washed, or test a small patch of decorative material before continuing. Rinse and let dry thoroughly before rehanging, to avoid smudges or water drip-trails on the wall. Wreaths not exposed to wind, rain or other sources of airborne dirt may need washing only once a year, if regularly vacuumed.

  3. Spray a dry wreath with a light coat of spray furniture wax or polish before rehanging. Protect surfaces around your work area when spraying your wreath with wax or polish, so that it goes just where you want it. Turn and rotate wreath to cover all surfaces.This will protect its surfaces from rapid accumulations of dust or dirt, making it easier to keep clean.

  4. Tip

    By the time your wreath needs bathing, it may also be time to change any attached decorative trimmings. Ribbon and natural dried flowers tend to be the first elements to look weary. Your wreath will most likely last a long time. Use bath-time to refresh or renew other decorative trimmings.