How to Remove Certification OSB Board Marks

D.C. Winston

Oriented Strand Board, known as OSB in building parlance, is a flat panel engineered wood product used both in structural building and cladding. It is made of wood pulp, wood shards and wafer thin pieces of wood bound together in layers by liquid resin and formed into flat panels under high heat and heavy pressure.

After the panels are shaped and dried, they are stamped with several pieces of information including the grade noting the strength and appropriate use. Also, OSB is often colored down the side to designate thickness of panel or grade for quick visual reference in commercial settings. Sometimes these markings are made with paint and sometimes with ink so removal success can vary. Sanding, planing and cutting are the only completely effective methods. If you are planning to use OSB as a finish material that will be varnished and on complete view, the best solution is to cut off the portion of the panel with the stamp.

  1. Saw off the portion of the OSB panel with the certification markings with a circular saw outfitted with a diamond cutting blade. A commercial panel saw can also make quick work of removing the colored edge entirely while still at the lumber yard or home improvement retailer.

  2. Plane the markings off in slivers with a hand planer or to remove the colored edge.

  3. Don your ventilator mask and goggles and sand down the markings with a orbital sander fitted with a 100 to 500 grit discs.

  4. Make several light passes to determine the pressure require to remove the markings without gouging and visually damaging the panel.