How to Clean Olefin Carpet

Erica Roth

Olefin is a synthetic fiber that is commonly used in carpets due to its ability to wear well and keep carpeting costs down. Olefin is sometimes called polyproplene. Olefin carpets can resist some types of stains well, but they absorb greasy messes easily, meaning that oily stains are sometimes hard to remove.

Keeping an olefin carpet clean is easier with a regular cleaning routine that is performed even before stains occur.

  1. Vacuum an olefin carpet on a regular basis. The suction of the vacuum cleaner pulls up debris from deep down in the fiber, making stains more difficult to set.

  2. Remove excess liquid from polypropylene fibers by blotting with a soft cloth or paper towels as soon as the spill has occurred. Quick cleaning prevents water and other fluids from settling into the rug. Sponge the remaining liquid with a damp sponge and a few drops of dish detergent to lift minor stains.

  3. Pry solid matter--such as mud, dried food or paint chips--off olefin fibers with a dull knife before attempting to remove the remainder of the stain.

  4. Cover stains like food, blood, urine, vomit and mud with a spray-on or liquid form carpet cleaner or shampoo. Gently rub the cleaner into the stain with a soft cloth. Vacuum the area after it has dried.

  5. Treat stains that are greasy or oily in nature--including makeup, chocolate, lotion, crayons, butter and oils--with a dry cleaning fluid. Blot the area with soft cloth and vacuum.