How to Remove Blood from Carpet

Bloodstains present a notoriously difficult challenge for even the most stalwart stain remover. Left alone, the iron and protein in blood sets quickly into a nasty stain, so acting as soon as possible after the bloodshed is crucial.

Bloodstains present a challenge for most household cleaners.

Plain water and club soda both help to prevent a serious stain from setting, while diluted dish detergent lifts and lightens the stain. A few simple steps help to minimize and remove the appearance of bloodstains so your future guests won't ask any awkward questions.

  1. Blot up any excess blood remaining on the carpet. Do not rub the stain.

  2. Pour cold water or club soda on the stain. Allow the water or soda to penetrate the carpet, then press a rag gently to the stain. Repeat this process to lift as much of the stain as possible.

  3. Dilute 1 tbsp. of household ammonia in 1 cup of cold water and saturate the stain with the mixture. Blot up with clean rags and repeat.

  4. Place a small amount of mild dish detergent on your finger and blot onto the stain without rubbing. Rinse the area with cold water and blot up with clean rags to remove any lingering traces of blood.

  5. Tip

    Do not use hot water on a bloodstain; this only assists the stain in setting.


    Ammonia fumes are dangerous; please ensure the area is properly ventilated when using ammonia.