How to Make Your Own Degreaser

Greasy film appears on appliance surfaces and kitchen countertops as a natural part of cooking. While plenty of commercial spray cleaners are available, the choice of organic, natural cleansers is small.

Fortunately, it's possible to make a homemade degreaser that quickly cuts through buildup on the surfaces in your kitchen.

  1. Remove the sprayer from the spray bottle and set it aside.

  2. Add the oil soap and the essential oil to the bottle and swirl gently a few times to combine the ingredients.

  3. Add the warm water to the bottle and reattach the sprayer.

  4. Shake gently until the soap mixture and water are combined. Soap suds will fill the remainder of the bottle.

  5. Let the spray bottle sit until the suds subside, then use as necessary to degrease any surface.

  6. Tip

    Most health food stores sell small bottles of essential oils for first-aid purposes. Some pharmacies also sell essential oils in the vitamin section.