How to Do a Kitchen Remodel for Under $3000

A kitchen remodel is the single best way to add value to a home. Unfortunately, it can also rack up a pretty big price tag. However, it is completely possible to shape up your kitchen into a beautiful central area for your living space under $3000, but there is a catch.

Remodel the kitchen yourself and save big.

The most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen is the labor cost to do it. If you are willing to do the labor yourself, virtually any kitchen can be remodeled for under $3000 dollars.

  1. Refinish your kitchen cabinets. For the price of stripper, stain and sandpaper, you can have a completely different look in your kitchen by refinishing the cabinets.

  2. Put in a new floor. Vinyl, Linoleum and even tile floors will make your kitchen look completely different and virtually new. Laying vinyl or Linoleum are fairly straightforward, while tile will be a much larger chore. However, for the extra time you put in with tile, the kitchen will look far more elegant and refined when it is finished.

  3. Build a center island. Research plans on the internet or at your favorite home improvement store. They will also have the necessary materials to build one with, as well as the tools you may need. Although this is a complex project, by doing all the labor yourself, it will cost only hundreds of dollars to complete and completely change the shape and feel of your kitchen.

  4. Lay a new countertop. Perhaps the most stunning addition to a kitchen is a granite tiled countertop. With the same skills that are used to tile a floor, you can tile a granite countertop for less than half the price of having it professionally done. Pick out a relatively inexpensive granite tile. Prep the original countertop and glue the tiles down by butting them against each other. Fill in the seams with grout, seal the top, and you have a brand new countertop.

  5. Tip

    Be sure to schedule a lot of time for your kitchen remodel. Clear the calendar and recruit some help.