How to Fix Pellet Stove Glass That Smokes Up

Matt Swayne

Wood pellet stoves are a popular way to heat your home. They're efficient and relatively easy to maintain, but they're not maintenance-free. One common problem with pellet stoves is that the glass can appear smoky over time.

How To Clean A Wood Pellet Window

  1. Even though the smoke on the glass is most likely the result of buildup from burning, you should check to make sure there are no leaks in your stove or piping that could point to a more serious problem.

  2. Buy some fireplace glass cleaner. It's found in most large department stores and home improvement stores. Get enough cleaner to last; in some cases, stores carry fireplace glass cleaner seasonally.

  3. Make sure your stove is off. Apply the glass cleaner to the window. Fireplace glass cleaner has the consistency of car wax. While a rag usually works as an applicator, make sure you follow the directions on the glass cleaner of your choice.

  4. You should only need to apply the glass cleaner once a week or so. But use it regularly to maintain the clear look of the window as long as possible.

  5. Tip

    The amount of smokiness on your pellet stove glass may depend on the type of pellet you are using. Experiment with the types of pellets and use the kind that creates less buildup on the window.


    Always clean and maintain your wood pellet stove for proper use, efficiency and safety.