Ideas to Update a Ranch-Style Home

Homeowners choose to update their homes both to suit their own needs and desires and also in order to attract potential buyers. There are various update ideas for the different house styles, and owners of ranch style homes can find numerous ideas for updating and remodeling their homes.

Go Big

If you’re remodeling completely and want to add rooms or make rooms bigger, keep in mind that the ranch style home is defined by being long and narrow. Often, adding rooms or a second story can completely alter the style of the home. To keep the ranch style of the home, it is important to build in length rather than width. Second stories can be added to ranch-style homes as well. Many people who convert their one-story ranches into two-story homes use brick as the outer covering of the bottom half and vinyl on the upper part.

Open Up

Many homeowners update their ranch-style homes by making them feel more open and larger on the inside. Adding windows to let in more light is one way of updating a ranch-style home. Windows placed high on the walls make rooms seem bigger. Removing attic space and making higher ceilings with decorative beams will update the look of a ranch-style home and make rooms look larger.

Paint Job

Many ranch-style homes have an open floor plan, and so giving the house a new paint job is a very inexpensive way to update your home's look. Pick colors that flow well from one room to the next. Light-colored paints will seem to open up the room and make it appear larger.


For a rustic look, cover the old sheetrock walls with wood slabs and convert the inside of the ranch home to look like a cabin. Decorate with southwestern art to make your home feel like an actual ranch.


Update the look of a ranch-style home by repainting the exterior and landscaping the yard. Add shutters to the windows, and maybe a fence in the front yard. Put in some flowerbeds and brick or stone walkways to update the house's appearance.