Where Can I Buy Evian Water?

Mel Frank

Evian water is a high-quality brand of bottled water, coming from the glaciers of the Alpine Mountains. As with most brands of bottled water, Evian can most often be found in stores that carry a variety of beverages. Limited Edition Evian waters can be found on the Evian website.

Grocery Stores, Drug Stores and Natural Markets

Grocery stores, drug stores and natural markets usually carry a variety of bottled water brands, including Evian products. Visit your local shopping center, and this product will be found with other bottled water products. Bottles can be purchased by the case or individually, either in the bottled water aisle or chilled near the grocer's freezer, where milk and cold juices are stored.


Superstores like Walmart, Kmart and Target sell Evian water as well. This water can be found with other bottled water products, typically to be purchased by the case. Single bottles can usually times be found chilled near the checkout aisles.

Beer Distributors

Beer distribution centers also carry most of the popular bottled water brands, including Evian. Call your local beer distributor or visit your nearest store location to check for availability. Evian products are typically sold by the case at these locations, both room temperature and chilled.

Evian Website

You can also purchase Evian water from the company's website, ShopEvian.com. The website allows you to shop for limited edition water products and allows you to join their monthly delivery service. When you join this service, Evian will send a case of water to your home each month. The website offers over 20 varieties of Evian water, including the Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray, designed to rejuvenate the face while going about your daily activities.