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Uses of Cotton Balls

Pamela Gardapee
Table of Contents

Cotton balls have many uses in the home and in the world of beauty. Cotton is soft and can be used for delicate applications and for making your home smell fresh and clean. One bag of cotton balls in the home could be used for many different purposes, but here are a few of the most popular uses of cotton balls.

Uses of Cotton Balls


Cotton balls can be used to remove fingernail and toenail polish or for applying nail cream to nails. The fingernail polish remover is applied to the cotton ball and you use one hand to gently rub the cotton ball over the nail to remove all of the polish. Cotton balls can be used between toes when applying new polish so that the toes don't touch each other.


Makeup can be applied to the face with a cotton ball. Base foundation can be poured onto the cotton and then gently wiped on the face, covering areas that would otherwise be hard to get at with a brush or fingers. Eye shadow can be applied with the cotton ball---and wipe from the inside of the eye to the outside to blend.

Room Scents

Use your favorite fragrance on a cotton ball and place around the house. Lilac and lavender will emit a scent from a soaked cotton ball for a few days. If you have a smell to get rid of in the room, soak the cotton ball in vinegar and place in an indiscreet area, such as in a wastepaper basket.

Refrigerator Deodorizers

When you have a smell in the refrigerator and no baking soda on hand, you can use a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to eliminate that odor. Hidden in crisper drawers or on door shelves, the cotton balls will be out of sight and making your fridge smell fresh again.


Use cotton balls to clean silverware, jewelry, and hard-to-reach corners in the cabinets. You can use cotton balls to clean collectibles such as Hummel figurines and plates. The cotton will not scratch the fine surface of the collectibles. Keep some cotton balls soaked with vinegar inside garbage cans to soak up the odors. Apply a small amount of chrome cleaner to the cotton ball and polish kitchen and bathroom fixtures.