How to Build Your Own Chimney

You want to build a chimney but you have NO idea who to ask or what books to read, so you did what most people do and look on line. If you found this page, you are lucky. It will tell you EXACTLY what you need to build a chimney and walk you through the entire process step by step!

How to Build Your Own Chimney
    How to Build Your Own Chimney
  1. Assemble the materials! Before you get started, you're going to want to head to your local Home Depot or Lowe's and pick up everything you will need. I've conveniently provided a check list of things you'll need right here for you. If you would like to, feel free to print the page out and take it to the store with you, because it is rather extensive.

  2. If just looking at that list didn't intimidate you, then that's a good sign you're ready to start building!

  3. How to Build Your Own Chimney
  4. Get familiar with the code. That's right, now days the government wants to control every last thing you do or have, so it's important you check on the building codes in your area. They are very strict on chimneys so this step is important.

  5. When asking about what codes you need to abide by, make sure you get the restrictions on color, height, length and even materials you use. It would be a real shame to build a mighty chimney then have to go through the work of breaking it down, just because it violates a SINGLE code. Do your homework!

  6. How to Build Your Own Chimney
  7. Start building! Start by building a layout on paper of exactly how you want the chimney to look and detail everything from width to length to height. It doesn't have to be super detailed, but it's nice to have a solid sketch with measurements on paper before you start.

  8. You can start by putting together the firebox with the firebricks. Do not use normal bricks to construct the firebox, or else they will not stand the 1000 Fahrenheit temperatures they will be exposed to.

  9. Begin assembling a wall around the perimeter of the firebox with whichever normal bricks you like the most.

  10. You'll now have a gap between the firebox wall and the outside wall. You're going to want to fill this in thoroughly with mortar.

  11. Put the damper on and make sure it is on snug. If there's a gap it will let air in and risks ruining the structure of the chimney. If you notice a gap, be sure to generously fill it in with mortar.

  12. You're going to need a smoker chamber for the next step. A distance of few inches should be maintained along the edges of the damper while constructing the smoke chamber, so that the flue can be set within it.

  13. Now lock the flue securely into the smoke chamber.

  14. Continue to construct the rest of the chimney normally, until you reach the roof. As you approach the roof, build a sloping crown around it to prevent the snow or rain from entering the chimney.

  15. Finish filling the sides around the flue with mortar, so that only the top of the flue is visible.

  16. Now all you gotta do is just cover up the top of the flue with a chimney cap and you are done!

  17. Tip

    Really be sure to check to see the codes in your area.