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How to Restore Balance in an Ecosystem

Stephanie Flood

The earth's ecosystems have been sliding downhill as consumer goods have been overflowing the world's landfills. A devastating imbalance has wreaked damage on the earth's food chains, animal species, environment and atmosphere around us.

Since this change, there's been a dire need for restoring balance in ecosystems of the world. Efforts may be difficult and offer slow results, but it will be worth it in the end.

  1. You can start protecting the wild lands that need help. Start thinking of long-term care on different scales in an ecosystem's community. One way to act in preparation is by creating national parks and monuments in hopes to protect the land from being used multi-purposefully. Keeping ecosystems preserved will help initiate restoration projects within the community, as well as protect the land from outside threats later on.

  2. You can be active in environmental projects. Being involved with restoration plans implemented by united federal, state, local and tribal environmental forces can help regain balance in an ecosystem. An example is watershed management, an interactive project dealing with strategic goals and research to understanding the cause-and-effect relationships happening in our ecosystem's watersheds.

  3. You can get knowledgeable with environmental news. Participating in public environmental forums will help you learn about different ecosystem issues. Hefty discussions on the environment can be found on web boards on government websites, bulletin boards in online groups and on environmental websites like the Sierra Club. This communication boosts global and local environmental awareness in engaging ways.

  4. Take restoration actions in your own hands. You can do this through environmental programs such as EarthCorps and the Sierra Club in your area. These programs include community services and volunteerism that perform conservation work in the environment. You will become involved with community outreach programs, hiking, activism, rebuilding the earth and passing and enforcing environmental laws to help restore the earth's ecosystems.