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How to Use the Leatherman Wave

Vincent Runyon

The Leatherman Wave is the best-selling of the Leatherman models, and it's easy to understand why. Within a package that can fit in your front pocket, there are 17 different tools to help you around the house or when you're out in the wilderness.

Still, to be able to get the benefits out of owning a Wave, you must understand how to use it. With our guide, you will be able to.

  1. Decide what tool you want to use. Most of the tools are on the inside of the Wave, but there are some exceptions, such as the exterior knives. To open these, place a thumbnail in the groove in the small portion of the knife that extends from the Wave, and extend the knife out of the Wave. These knives can only be used when the Wave is closed.

  2. Open the Leatherman Wave. To do this, pull the bottom ends of the Wave apart and rotate them over as far as they go until the pliers (among other tools) emerge.

  3. Find your tool. The needle-nose and regular pliers, along with the wire and hard-wire cutters, are part of the large pliers. The rest of the tools are tucked into the inside of the Wave's handles.

  4. Pull out your tool. You pull out your tools in much the same way you pulled out the knives when the Wave was closed. Little pieces of the tools protrude, and they have small grips for you to pull them out with a thumbnail.

  5. Use your tool. You would use most tools in the Wave as you would any other tool. To switch screwdriver bits, you simply pull out the bit that was in there previously and replace it with one of the bits that came with the Wave by pushing it into where the last bit was until it snaps in.

  6. Tip

    Register your Wave to get the Leatherman 25-year warranty.