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How to Remove a PEX Valve

Steve Sloane

PEX, made of cross-linked poylethylene, is a flexible hollow hose that is used in the installation of home water supply lines. The valves (or fittings) join one piece of PEX pipe to another, by pushing the valve into the end of the pipe. A crimp ring is then placed over the pipe and secured in place, creating a water-tight seal between the pipe and fitting. Removing the fitting is a simple process, requiring the use of a PEX de-crimping tool.

PEX piping supplies water to household fixtures.
  1. Place the PEX tube in the pipe cutter, resting the blade against the tube as close to the end of the fitting as possible. Squeeze the pipe cutter handles together, to cut through the pipe.

  2. Pull the handles of the de-crimping tool apart, to open the tool's jaws. Adjust the dial on the de-crimping tool to the 1/2, 3/4 or 1-inch setting, depending on the size of PEX pipe you are working with. Study the jaws of the tool: One jaw is sharp for cutting the crimp ring, and the other jaw is flat which supports the inside of the fitting while the cutting is taking place.

  3. Insert the flat jaw into the end of the fitting. Squeeze the de-crimping tool's handles together to bring the sharp jaw down onto the crimp ring, and cut it. Open the tool's handles, and move the crimp ring 180 degrees. Squeeze the tool's handles together, a second time. The crimp ring is now cut through in two places, and can easily be removed by hand.

  4. Pull the PEX tubing off the end of the fitting, by hand.