Carport Ideas

The carport is a low-cost option that provides homeowners with a way to provide shelter for their vehicles without paying for additional square footage in their home. There are a variety of materials from which to build your carport, including plastic, wood, metal and recycled lumber.

Why you need a carport.


The structure can be a simple canopy on top of posts, an enclosed structure, an extension of a building's roofline, a half wall building or a single wall building.


A simple canopy covering can serve as a carport. The homeowner can chose metal or plastic posts to support the canopy. Choose from plastic, canvas, tarpaulin and other materials to provide the canopy cover over the post. Do-it-yourselfers can even make their own design and buy the materials, but they will probably spend more than they would for a cheap carport kit.

Wood Carport

Another simple carport design can be sketched out on paper. The homeowner must choose the size and the type of the wood for the posts and the beams. Cover the roof of the carport with plywood, plastic or vinyl panels, and reinforce with wood joints. Another option is to partially enclose the walls of the carport with wood or vinyl latticework.


Metal construction is another option in which homeowners can choose from kits or designing their own structure. Aluminum and steel are common metals used to build the skeleton of a carport. The roof can also be constructed just like the tin roof on a lanai with manufactured metal panels, or canopy or wood panels can provide the roof.


PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a type of plastic tubing available for a low cost from the home improvement store. The homeowner can buy premade posts of long sections of PVC piping and the connecting joints (premade) to build a carport. Tarp, plastic, vinyl or latticework can form the roof.