How to Clean Uggs Without Ruining Them

Ugg Australia uses all-natural twin-face sheepskin to make its Ugg boots. Twin-face sheepskin has fleece on one side and sheepskin on the other side, providing warmth and comfort when made into boots. Uggs are versatile but require proper care and cleaning to avoid harming the natural sheepskin.

  1. Spray your new Uggs with a sheepskin-safe water- and stain-repellent spray before you start wearing them to protect them. Spray evenly and allow the boots to dry away from sunlight or direct heat for at least 24 hours

  2. Brush the boots with a suede brush to restore the natural nap after the protective dries. Brush only in one direction.

  3. Hand wash your Uggs if get dirty or stained. Never put your boots in a washing machine.

  4. Dilute the boot cleaner according to the instructions, usually half water and half cleaning solution. Use a wet sponge to apply the boot cleaner to the Uggs. Don't soak the boots and don't scrub the sheepskin. Gently wipe and pat the dirty area on your Uggs.

  5. Wipe the boots with a clean sponge dipped in clean cold water to get the cleaning and conditioning mixture off the boots. Don’t rinse the boots in water.

  6. Stuff paper towels in the boots to retain their shape. Let boots air dry naturally. Don't put your Uggs in the dryer or near strong heat to dry them.

  7. Brush your boots gently with a suede brush once they have thoroughly dried. Brush gently in one direction to raise the nap of the sheepskin and make them look new again.